Scientific and quantum computing projects:

  • Damn-Differential: Rust library to handle ODE and systems of ODE with various methods;
  • Quriust: Rust library to simulate quantum computers on classical machines;
  • Nefele: Rust library (work in progress) for time series analysis with AR, MA, ARMA, ARIMA and FARIMA model;
  • Nashpp: a C++ library for algorithmic game theory and linear programming;
  • Optimax: high-performance numerical methods library designed for optimization problems, written in Rust programming language;
  • Montpy: a Python library implementing Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo methods for integral evaluation;
  • SciMatLib: performant Typescript library for linear algebra.
  • Hinnycoin: an algorithmic stablecoin collateralized by wBTC and wETH and pegged to USD;
  • StarConnect: a dapp that replicate Vimeo using NFT videos stored on IPFS. Try a demo;
  • Morgante protocol: flash loans (uncollateralized loans that requires the borrower to return liquidity to the protocol within one block transaction) service for weth and wbtc owners. To reduce the risk associated for the liquidity providers, a share of the token staked are invested in other financial products and the yield is proportionally distributed between the LPs. The protocol also uses a stablecoin as governance token to upgrade the protocol fees. The project won a prize from Scroll.